Hello friends!

I am immensely sorry for the lack of updates lately! Life has taken up most of my time, and I am currently planning my wedding on the opposite side of the country (literally across the ocean) and raising our new corgi puppy at the same time - exhausting and time consuming!

Rest assured, I have not forgotten the comic and I am still working on it during my spare moments. The hiatus will likely continue until after the wedding and honeymoon next month, with the plan to resume again in early November. There's a chance of an update before then, but I don't want to overload myself! 

I'm super excited to continue the story and can't wait to draw more cute witches! To hold you over a little, here's a sneak peek of a new character that I posted on Instagram and Tumblr, as well as a new sneak peek of a panel from the next page!

The fall season is almost upon us; enjoy the cooling weather and happy witching!

Welcome back!

And we're back after a long holiday break! Between getting engaged, traveling across the entire country and half the Pacific Ocean, and visiting three different states over the past month, I've been a little on the busy side. But fear not! There are three new pages up for your viewing pleasure, and many more to come! 

Also, my Etsy page is now functioning and has a lot of witchy things available! One of these includes the limited edition Pepperwood Bay Witches enameled metal pin!


This is a gorgeous pin and there are less than 50 available. Get yours while you can! There are also plenty of acrylic charms and prints to choose from! Check it out HERE.

As always, thank you for watching this space, and stay magical!

The Comic Begins!

Hello magical friends!

The comic has now begun! For the first few pages, I will be updating fairly quickly over the next few weeks as the "Introduction" of the story. After that, I am planning on having a bi-weekly update with one or two pages. 

As you can see from the first "official" page of the comic, there is a bit of GIF-ness going on! I'd like to take advantage of the "web" part of "webcomics" and have a little extra fun and magic with some animation, which is part of the reason for the bi-weekly schedule. 

I hope you are as excited as I am about this story, and thank you for being here!

Happy witching!

NYCC Update

Hello friends!

I am back from New York Comic Con, having met some awesome new people and spreading the word of the Witches! Within the next week or so I will have additional prints and witch pins up for sale so that you can join in on the fun.

Be sure to stay tuned for the first pages of the comic in the coming weeks. For now, sit back and enjoy the changing colors of the trees outside and practice those spells!


Welcome to the Witches of Pepperwood Bay comic! I am so excited to share the story of these three witch sisters! 

The site is new and live, and content is still being added! This is just a preview of much more to come. The comic itself will begin its story in mid- to late-October... just in time for a certain Festival!

Have a look around and stay tuned for more updates and info (specifically what special goodies I'll have with me at New York Comic Con to purchase!)

Thanks and Happy Witching!